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9 Signs You’re Going to Break Up

Written by Alex Miles

A long-term, mature and happy relationship is a dream of everyone. However, a perfect love story seems rarely to exist. When a relationship goes to an end, most of us will face a crisis and question ourselves that “are we able to overcome them?” 

To build a mature relationship, we will provide you with some common mistakes and behavioural patterns that you should avoid. 

01 – Merging into each other

A ridiculously clingy relationship where the partners merely dissolve into each other is considered as the most reason to break up. This kind of tight bonds will make one of the partners gets trapped by the other and make them feel suffocated. Spending too much time with each other will trigger them which inevitably causes pain in the other partner. This is how a crisis begins. Such couples often break up, bringing a lot of pain to each other.

02 – The illusion that your partner thinks just the way you do

Projecting your thoughts, perspectives, desires and feelings onto your partners is also a common mistake that results in a break-up. This behaviour pattern might provoke serious conflicts. Your partner may feel that you do not value them the way they are. Keep in mind that we are different people, we have our different perspective about the world. Being good partner, we need to comprehend and respect each other. 

03 – A lack of communication

Communication is a great way for couples to understand each other. It does not mean that we have to talk all the time. We should learn to know when we need to listen to our partner. One of the most important keys to a harmonious relationship is listening to each other and sharing feelings. A good listener can reveal other’s personalities. 

04 – A lack of common plans

To build a long-term and mature relationship, discussing plans together is very necessary. However, many new couples refuse to make common plans for their future. When their passion disappears, they feel confused about their relationship like what is coming next, where they are in their life. To avoid this, you should talk about your plans and discuss them with your partner to see how you both can go together. But keep in mind that you should avoid some trickiest questions such as children, finance, readiness for monogamy, etc. 

05 – “Saving” someone in a relationship

When one of the partners constantly tries to heal, protect or solve their partner’s problems, it seems like a good relationship. It is like both of the partners get profit from their position in a relationship. For example, the “martyr” likes getting all the attention, who is in a relationship with a “saver” – who feels needed and important to someone. However, one day, the “martyr” may heal and realise that they do not need to be saved anymore.  

06 – Laziness and a lack of effort

The fact is the harmony cannot appear by itself, without any extra efforts from people in a relationship. A good relationship is always built step by step, day by day, over and over again on each step of a couple’s evolution. No one is perfect and fit for someone. 

07 – Unsolved conflicts

In a relationship, the conflicts are just a stage of a relationship that you have to overcome. Therefore, it is crucial to discuss and solve them together. Unsolved conflicts will grow the disappointment and anger. Day by day, they can swallow emotions for things, then escalate to a breakup. 

08 – A “worn-out” physical affection

Nurturing and growing your passion and joy of touching each other is one of the ways to express your love in the beginning. It’s an intimate relationship that makes you a couple and not just roommates. 

09 – Infidelity 

One of the common reasons for a breakup is infidelity. Most people when they realise that they are being betrayed, they will choose to leave that relationship. Even though they have the choice to restore trust or not, but you should not force a relationship if it is not working out. 

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