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Clip: Woman Reveals She Lets Her Husband ‘Play’ With Her Mom

Written by Alex Miles

Do you know about the swinger lifestyle?

TikToker @milliesellers411 is presently living it, and she appears to hold no regret with her decision. The self-acclaimed swinger left people stunned after highlighting her unusual family arrangement in a post on TikTok. In particular, @milliesellers411 revealed she permits her husband to play with her husband. In the clip, the TikToker could be seen with a woman she claims is her mom.

TikToker @milliesellers411 has revealed she lets her husband have s*x with her mom.

The video pan across to the woman in teeny white shorts, who sidle over to a man believed to be her daughter’s husband. Speaking to the camera, @milliesellers411 said: “Do you want to know how I keep my man happy? I let him play with my mum.” It remains unknown if the group of three are being serious or just joking, but the video had been captioned: “Don’t judge and yes I do,” with hashtags #hotwife #sharingiscaring.

The unusual arrangement has left people thinking if it’s a joke or real.

So far, it’s been watched over 11 million times, and as expected, people couldn’t hold back on their comments. “WHAT.” One person commented. Another said: “I really hope this is a joke, Lol.” While a third joked: “Best damn wife ever.” A few people were entirely in disbelief, while others felt the man posing as husband is her brother.

The post has gone viral and flooded with comments:

In an updated post, TikToker @milliesellers411 again sparked confusion. In the clip, where she donned a crop top, she claimed to be in bed with a married man and his wife. It was captioned: “Facts my life.” While the overlaid text had read: “I had a married man over last night!!”

In an updated clip, she claimed to be in bed with a married couple.

Here is full video:

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This Grandma, 61, And Her 24-Year-old Husband Planning To Have Their First Baby

Quran McCain and Cherly McGregor met in 2012 while working in the fast-food chain Dairy Queen. At the time, McCain was only 15, and Cherly, from Rome, Georgia, was believed to be married and also a mother. Romantic feelings didn’t spark until much later when they reconnected in 2020 when caretaker McCain saw Cheryl working as a cashier at a convenience store.

Cheryl has 7 children and 17 grandchildren already, but the couple said they deserve children of their own.

The pair had tried to get pregnant but due to Cheryl’s age, they’ve decided to turn to surrogacy or adoption.

Love sparks instantly occurred between the duo, and they started dating. Officially, they got married in 2021 and are at the moment prepared to expand their family. As a result of failed natural attempts to conceive, the 61-Year-Old and her husband, 24, have announced they’re planning to have their first child together through surrogacy. Cheryl already has seven children with 17 grandkids, but the pair want theirs.

And since Cheryl is much older than McCain, he may have to raise their child alone somewhere down the line.

The pair got married last year, and now, they are ready to expand their family.

However, McCain and his wife, Cheryl had first met in 2012 while they were both working at Dairy Queen.

“We prefer surrogacy; however, we have seen a lot of people embroiled in legal complications far after the child is born. We are looking for a nice surrogate who is willing to sign a contract to have nothing to do with the child after it’s born. We don’t want people trying to have a baby for us for financial gain; we are not that financially inclined ourselves,” McCain told Daily Mail.

They lost contact but reconnected in 2020 when McCain saw Cheryl working as a cashier in a convenience store.

They are so happy together!

Cheryl and McCain claim their s3x life is fantastic and they have great chemistry.

He added: “With adoption, we are looking for a biracial baby, so the baby would know, ‘I have half black and half white parents,’ so he [or she] would feel that we are his true parents. Both of Cheryl’s daughters had hysterectomies in the last few years; otherwise, they would have been the best option for being as close to a biological child as possible.”

“With adoption, we are looking for a biracial baby, so the baby would know, ‘I have half black and half white parents,” McCain said.

Always smiling!!

Cheryl’s 5 out of her 7 children have come to support the idea she and McCain are welcoming a child together.

Cheryl is utterly much older than McCain, and the duo both know he might have to raise their child alone somewhere down the line. If she isn’t here, Cheryl believes McCain would be a great father and a responsible adult. She also claimed she had every bit of faith that he could raise their child and do it well. However, the duo claims their s3x life is fantastic and has great chemistry.

After the couple started dating, they began posting videos on TikTok and become viral sensations.

McCain’s wedding to Cheryl was actually live-streamed on the app and viewed by thousands of their fans.

On the other hand, right after they started dating, the pair posted videos of themselves on TikTok, and at the moment, they’ve become viral sensations due to their nearly four-decade age difference. Their intimate wedding was live-streamed on the app and watched by thousands of followers. Similarly, the pair also set up an Only Fans account for their saucier content.

The pair has even set up an Only Fans account for their saucier content.

Cheryl and McCain get hate due to their unconventional relationship but that doesn’t phase them.

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