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The Body Language Which Will Reveal the Truth About Your Relationship

Written by Alex Miles

Love stories are always such a topic to talk about. Every love story begins with sweet flirts, catching the other eyesight shyly, or being truly brave to hold hands. Our gesture speaks louder than we thought, especially when we are in love. Love is the brilliant symphony for emotions and bodies to sing. By listing those below facts, we hope to help you know more about yourself and your partner, as well, when you are in love.

Everything is great when…

Their eyes focusing on you meet your attention. Also, they seem to have been staring at you for a while. The more they do it time after time, the more inevitable that they like you.

Their bodies are prone to turn to your side. They can only focus on you and the talk if they are interested in you. Besides, if you are sitting oppositely, their toe cap will definitely point in your direction.

The women seem to be attracted to you more when she pays more attention to her sitting posture. If she has a good impression on you at first, she will tend to shift her upper body to your side more and more with her back straight. That posture makes her feel more confident about her look.

Men also care a lot about their appearance. The muscular body makes them think that they are more attractive. While talking, they will try to put their hands on their hips to make their upper bodies look larger. Or when they try to have some private moment with you, showing their arms by leaning them on the wall around your eyesight may be a common choice.

The moment you realize that you like them a little bit more is when they try to wipe away some dust on your clothes, body, or your face. We will try to touch the other as much as possible when we have a crush on someone.

Pay some attention to their reaction after telling you stories. If they like you, everything they have just tried to express is just to impress you. So your excitement or your laughter is all that they are waiting for.

The more a man reaches adulthood, the less he smiles. So a smile shines bright like a diamond was worn on his face means that he is enjoying his moment then. Being around you might be a reason, or he is trying to tell you that he is a positive person who deserves to be your man.

Someone who can copy your catchphrases is showing that they paid so much attention to you. If they are not teasing you, it means that they may be doing that without knowing about it.

Something is going wrong when…

Inverted with turning bodies toward you, if they are trying to avoid your eyesight, body direction…, that might be a sign of uncomfortableness.

When there are more and more strained kisses, your relationship might be in trouble. It is so much questionable for a couple if they have a less intimate moment and go to bed with the backs toward each other.

Some polite people just try to reply to your stories with the intention not to let you down. But in fact, they don’t really get it. Be aware of those situations and save your time.

Opened people never have comfortable talks with their arms crossed in front of their chest. If they are replying to you with edgy expressions and non-focusing eyesight, notice to stop the conversation immediately but gently avoid making them feel annoyed.

Paying little attention to details of etiquette might be a significant sign to reconsider your relationship. Noticing small things while being together, not directly, but little-by-little sticks you up. A man should be grateful to his girl by holding goods for her or going after her usually. A girl should make her man happy with a surprising gift or sweet flirting sometimes.

Nevertheless, those above are just suggestions for you to have quick glances at. Things that are worth doing and worth considering in your relationship are all up to you. Only if you are happy and enjoy every moment together, other things won’t count. We wish you happy-ending relationships.

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