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TRUTH: If He Truly Wants You, He Will Pursue You

Written by Alex Miles

You may come up with a million explanations and excuses to explain his lack of interest in you as a possible love interest, but at the end of the day, even the most legitimate reasons and excuses will be irrelevant to the man who really wants to be with you.

You must realize that if a guy really wants to be with you, nothing will be able to stop him. You’d be the only one who could stop him from chasing you. He wouldn’t allow any other circumstance or situation to determine how things would end out between the two of you. Know that he isn’t averse to spending time with you. You aren’t frightening him away. It’s simply that he doesn’t care enough about you to put in the effort to keep things interesting between you.

For a guy who is in love, distance will not be a problem. Even if you were on the opposite side of the globe, he wouldn’t be able to stop him from expressing his love for you. You might be living right next door to him, and if he doesn’t care about you, he won’t do anything to help you. That’s how love works. It has no bounds. It makes no allowances for obstacles. It doesn’t give up in the face of adversity. In the face of hardship, it does not shrink back. Love will always find a way to triumph – but only if it is the true type of love.

It’s important to remember that a guy is more likely to start a relationship than a woman. A guy is typically the one who wants to take the initiative and gain control of the situation. Most guys think that being able to take on the task of capturing a girl’s heart is an essential part of their manhood.

A guy will always be enthralled by the excitement of the pursuit. A guy will always enjoy the whole journey and pursuit. When a genuine guy finds someone he really desires, he will go to great lengths to be with that person. So, if you see that a man you like isn’t making an effort with you, it’s usually because he doesn’t care about you enough to do so.

Yes, he has the ability to be enticing and seductive. He has the ability to be charming and appealing. He may be doing everything correctly to make your heart melt. In the traditional sense, he is a rue gentleman. Despite this, he isn’t always consistent. He gives you a lot of contradictory signals. There are moments when he treats you as if you were the only woman on the planet. There are other times when he behaves as though he doesn’t know you. This sort of inconsistency reveals a lot about his true feelings for you.

And it’s something you should be aware of. He wouldn’t be inconsistent if he was genuinely interested in you. He wouldn’t simply come up whenever it was convenient for him. If a guy is really interested in you, he will be there EVERY TIME. He wouldn’t allow anything to get in the way of his commitment to you. He’d be powerful and steady. He’d be the kind of person you could trust and dig your teeth into. He has the potential to be a trustworthy person. You’ll know if a guy is really into you because he’ll never make it seem otherwise.

There are a million reasons for a guy not to pursue you. He can tell you anything you want to hear in order to make you feel better about his abandoning you. He may even be lying to you if he says it’s out of his hands and that the circumstances are what’s keeping him from going after you. And he’s only doing it because he doesn’t want you to be h*rt; he’s attempting to protect you from the harsh realities of the truth; and the reality is that he just doesn’t care enough about you to put up the effort.

He isn’t as invested in you as you are in him, and he isn’t willing to confront the difficulties that come with your relationship. He may claim that he is just overworked and that he has a lot of other things on his plate. He may claim that he is just not emotionally ready to be in a relationship with anybody, but you know the reality. It’s not that he isn’t ready for a relationship; it’s simply that he doesn’t want to be in one, especially with you. That is the truth of the issue. That is the truth of the Israel.

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“Ladies, this is for you.”

Getting into a man’s mind is not quite as challenging as you assume. In reality, they are uncomplicated creature. Men are not needy and they don’t require a lot from their partner. They wouldn’t try to put a name on everything or dicking too deep into contexts. However, they still have an incomprehensible future and that is their natural characteristic of withholding when it comes to their true emotions or expectations.

They don’t want to present themselves as a vulnerable person when they show you their true thoughts. That leads females into a mind- game sometimes. In such situations, you should use delicate and caring words to say to him because if he is somehow sad or upset, he tends to keep it to himself.

Possibly he won’t express his negative emotions to you when he receives an insensitive comment. He will tell no one and when time passes, his feelings will be so overwhelming that he can’t handle it. Therefore, it would be best to prevent it from happening. No relationship is the same, yet, there are common rules when communicating. Communication is very crucial but it is a two-edged sword, it can be a practical conversation which build up a healthy bond but it can also be h*rtful and may bring an opposite outcome. Therefore, it’s very important to choose an appropriate topic to discuss.

You just need to be mindful and avoid sensitive topics so that it won’t offend your partner. Continuing to discuss undesirable topics can cause you a relationship, therefore, the below contents are the things you should avoid in order to maintain your love.

01 – Your past relationship should not be mentioned frequently during your talk.

Under no circumstances should you actively mention your past romances, except when he asks about it, this is one of the basic rules. Make sure you always have in mind that never talk about these subjects. One of the last things which he is concerned about is your ex’s charm.

He will care either about your former partner’s excellent skills in bed or his perfect personality. Hearing about your ex’s bad qualities is also not appealing to him. Even criticising your ex is still off limits to your current man.    

The main point is that he simply doesn’t want your history to exist in the conversation. When you accidentally mention your ex, thoughts such as why you’re still thinking about that person will drive him nuts. It will give him anxiety feelings and you certainly don’t want that, do you?

02 – Judging comments which can h*rt or decline his masculinity and personality shouldn’t be heard by him.

Masculinity and ego is considered to be a man’s most significant thing. Men find satisfaction in taking care of their loved one and they are proud of it. Indeed, no one is perfect and they will make mistakes, but male don’t deal with failure well. Their ego is vulnerable and it can be easily broken down.

They will feel a lot of insecurity even though they only make minor mistakes. Therefore, while he’s at his low point of his life, you should avoid touching his wound.

People have their ups and downs and if he is at his down, find a way to encourage, support him instead of making crude judgement and lowering his confidence. All that is necessary to him at that time is encouragement, not a lecture. If you show him that you’re not supporting and believing in him, he won’t be with you when he is successful.

03 – You can never offend his mother.

There is no question that his mother means the world to him. Before you, his mother has always been the first priority. You always need to understand that he treasures his mother as his queen. You start saying somethings bad about his mother and from that moment on, he will begin to exclude you from his life.

The woman who gave birth and made him into the man that he is now has been and will always have his respect as well as his graceful gratitude. For that reason, if you choose to h*rm his most essential and meaningful person, you should think twice. This situation can never lead to a good end, your relationship will begin to go wrong from this point.

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