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Video: ‘I Caught My Best Friend Sleeping With My Husband While I Was At Work’

Written by Alex Miles

This tale is most people’s biggest fear! Shauna’s husband cheated with her best friend while she was at work. It’s pretty heartbreaking, and the revelation had emerged after Shauna placed a camera in the house because her gut wasn’t sitting right. When she put the device, it was even about her husband and best friend as they never crossed her mind nor thought they were doing anything.

Shauna’s guts weren’t sitting right, so she placed a camera in her home.

“I thought he was sneaking somebody in like that he had previously cheated on me with; that’s why I put the camera in the house. So yesterday I was looking at the camera, come to find out, it this b*tch and we’ve been friends for like four years, good friends, she needed somewhere to go, I let her move in.” Shauna said in her video.

Unfortunately, she discovered that her husband and best friend of 4years had been sl33ping together.

At the end of the clip, she revealed she hadn’t told either one of them about the camera. She also hasn’t said either of them that she’s aware of their s3xual affair but planned to ask her husband and friend once they return from work while also showing them the clip. To this, viewers waited anxiously to see how the pair would react to the confrontation.

It was pretty heartbreaking! Shauna summoned the courage and confronted the duo about the affair.

In an updated post [another clip], Shauna attested that the confrontation transpired. She explained: “It went down, tussling there and course they lied, said it didn’t happen. I didn’t get a chance to show them the video because we ended up fighting. They’re currently out of the house, gone.” Shauna further shared the moment she broke it to her friend that she knew about the betrayal.

The confrontation happened, but Shauna didn’t get the chance to show them the clip.

Appearing on camera, Shauna informed her friend they were making video before asking: “Did you sl33p with my man while I was at work?” Her friend was in sh0ck, so Shauna reiterated: “Yes or No, did you sl33p with my man while I was at work?” To this, her friend, seen twirling her sweatpants string, nervously said: “Why would I sl33p with your man?”

“Did you sl33p with my man while I was at work?” Shauna asked her friend confidently.

Shauna then yelled at her husband as she came into the room: “You sl3pt with my friend while I was at work?” To which he also barked: “What is y’all talking about? Shauna replied: “Like I don’t get the footage,” and then tumbled with her friend as her ex-partner shouted over the clip, and the trio resulted in a phsical f!ght.

Shauna tumbled with her friend as her partner shouted over the clip, and the trio resulted in a phsical f!ght.

So far, the comment section of her clips has sparked a discussion on whether you should ever let a friend stay with you and a partner. “NEVER bring a 3rd party into your home. No matter how much trust you got for them,” One person wrote. Another added: “Never have another woman living in your house with your man.”

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Do you know about the swinger lifestyle?

TikToker @milliesellers411 is presently living it, and she appears to hold no regret with her decision. The self-acclaimed swinger left people stunned after highlighting her unusual family arrangement in a post on TikTok. In particular, @milliesellers411 revealed she permits her husband to play with her husband. In the clip, the TikToker could be seen with a woman she claims is her mom.

TikToker @milliesellers411 has revealed she lets her husband have s*x with her mom.

The video pan across to the woman in teeny white shorts, who sidle over to a man believed to be her daughter’s husband. Speaking to the camera, @milliesellers411 said: “Do you want to know how I keep my man happy? I let him play with my mum.” It remains unknown if the group of three are being serious or just joking, but the video had been captioned: “Don’t judge and yes I do,” with hashtags #hotwife #sharingiscaring.

The unusual arrangement has left people thinking if it’s a joke or real.

So far, it’s been watched over 11 million times, and as expected, people couldn’t hold back on their comments. “WHAT.” One person commented. Another said: “I really hope this is a joke, Lol.” While a third joked: “Best damn wife ever.” A few people were entirely in disbelief, while others felt the man posing as husband is her brother.

The post has gone viral and flooded with comments:

In an updated post, TikToker @milliesellers411 again sparked confusion. In the clip, where she donned a crop top, she claimed to be in bed with a married man and his wife. It was captioned: “Facts my life.” While the overlaid text had read: “I had a married man over last night!!”

In an updated clip, she claimed to be in bed with a married couple.

Here is full video:

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